As the saying goes, „It is impossible for women to understand.“ Women are mysterious and they have their own way of dealing with it, which most men will never understand. When it comes to a relationship, a woman may tell you many things, but there are some things she will never reveal, anyway. A woman is not hiding these things because she intends to lie to you or conceal it, but mainly because she likes to keep things in her private space. Several investigations have been conducted, asking women what they would hide from their boyfriends/partners. These answers are really insightful. Some women like to be honest, and some women like to keep secrets that they think their boyfriends don’t need to know. Here are the top 5 things most women don’t disclose in a relationship.

Number of exe No matter how hard you want to work, she will never tell you how many predecessors she has. You don’t need to know them either. She will tell you some of her ex, but she will never tell you the exact number of men she has been with. She will only reveal the important content that she thinks needs to be shared.

So have you ever thought about how your girlfriend wears different new clothes every time she sees her? Her shades of lipstick, perfect hair, radiant face-where do you think all this comes from? Women never count when shopping. They usually pick whatever they like and spend a lot of energy on buying cosmetics, clothing and accessories. So if you want to know her consumption or shopping habits, it will never happen

So your girl does love you with all her heart. However, she does often have a crush on a new person. These are just harmless crushes. A woman said that as long as she knew it was harmless, there was no need to tell her boyfriend how she found someone at work to be cute. This is a secret that a woman will never reveal.

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